Find out in the Elyzien FAQs about our finishes, glazing, noise and heat insulation along side information on measuring, installation, delivery and payments terms.

Elyzien FAQs:

1: Will these reduce noise levels as well as heat loss?

  • The frames, casements & panels are thermally broken, meaning that no exterior metal surface touches any interior metal surface. Both the timber core and panels are insulated. The treble glazing adds the best U-values on the market making our doors some of the best performing both in heat loss and sound insulation.

2: Do I have to maintain the metal finishes?

  • Our choice of materials means that maintenance of the finish is taken care of by mother nature. it will weather naturally and form its own protection against the elements. If you wish to add or reduce its patina then waxes can be used but this will introduce an on going re application maintenance cycle. We like them left to be what they are supposed to be.

3: Whats the glazing U Value?

4: Measuring?

  • Normally your principle contractor or site manger will provide us site measurements via the website order form. If you require us to make a site visit to measure up then we charge £500 for this process. Please note that full exterior & interior access will be supplied by others.

5: Payment terms?

  • Orders below £20,000.00: payment with order. Orders above this will be 50% with order 45% before delivery & the final 5% once delivered

6: Delivery and inspection?

  • Once the items are delivered it is your responsibly to check them for manufacturing defects immediately. These must be reported to the driver so the returns can happen there and then. This must be reported to our head office at the point of delivery or the claim will be invalid. We will return this item to the factory for inspection. If the claim is found to be invalid you will be responsibly for the re delivery charge. If the claim is valid will will rectify the manufacturing defect and re deliver FOC.

7: Installation?

  • We provide detailed fitting instructions for your own contractors to fit or you can choose our trained teams to fit the delivered items. This  option must be chosen at the check out to allow us to co-ordinate our fitting teams with the delivery team. If our fitting teams are requested later in the process this may cause delays.

8: Pre aged 

  • Pre aged is where the facing materials are pre weathered to have the desired finish prior to delivery. This is especially important with Cor-Ten to reduce the initial staining.